2017 Red Dress R*n Info


2017 Pensacola Red Dress
Friday, Saturday and Sunday
May 19 – 21, 2017

Survivor H3’s 450th Hash!!!


What is the Red Dress R*n?:
Male and female alike, don red dresses and r*n (and party) on the premise of supporting a charity and a good time had by all. The r*n is followed by beer drinking, socializing, prizes, awards and much frivolous debauchery.
Participants include all athletic skill levels (including a lack of athletic skills), professions from all walks of life (attorneys, doctors, pilots, plumbers, sales, retail…you get the point). And seeing as this year is our 450th hash… We have something extra special planned!!!
All are invited to attend this “once in a lifetime event.”

For information on other Red Dress R*ns and its origin, see www.reddressruns.org

This year will include a Friday night Luau Themed pay as you go pub crawl (bring some cash), new and exciting gimmies, raffles, interactive participation, and the buses……oh the buses!!

2017 Charity:
This year we have one charity we are sponsoring which is My Father’s Arrow, which is a non-profit organization which ministers orphans and focuses on the foster children of Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama.  We are accepting donations in the hope that the hashers will give generously to this great cause.
The donation jar will be set up at the check-in table.

Limited Edition 2017 Red Dress Shirts and Personalized Gimmies:
There will be a limited number of 2017 Red Dress Shirts and special personalized gimmies. They will be included with registration for those who REGISTER & PAY by May 1st or to the first 120 paid slots. Additional shirts and items will be available at check-in to purchase, while supplies last.

Hash Hotel:

daysinnDays Inn Pensacola – 710 North Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL U.S.A. 32501
Phone: 850-438-4922 Fax: 850-438-7999
The room rates are $85 per night plus tax. Please make sure to mention “Red Dress Block” when you make your reservation. Rooms not with the Red Dress block are around $150/n. (Even if you are not going to use the group rate, please mention “Red Dress” so that we are all placed in the same block of rooms.) To receive the group discount, reservations must be made by May 1st or until sold out.

Click here to go to the Hash Hotel’s Website

Other nearby hotel in case Days Inn sells out: 

Solo Inn and Suites

200 N Palafox St

Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 470-9298

Crowne Plaza Pensacola Grand

200 E Gregory St

Pensacola, FL 32501

(850) 433-3336

Courtyard Pensacola Downtown

700 E Chase St

Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 439-3330

Residence Inn Pensacola Downtown

601 E Chase St

Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 432-0202

Google B & B’s for more options. There are a number near the RDR hotel @ Palafox and Cervantes.

Registration fee for the Red Dress:
$69 Jan 1st through May 1st
$79 May 2nd-18th

$89 May 19th – 21st (Days of the event!!)
Goodie bags & tshirts will only be guaranteed to those who preregister and PAY by May First or to the first 120 paid slots. Register now to ensure yourself a spot in this memorable event.

Friday, May 19th from 3:00-7:00pm: Registration/Packet Pickup/Kegs Tapped/Food/Raffle (bring extra cash)
Friday, May 19th from 7:00pm-’til your liver craps out: Pre-Lube Hash with special stops along the way (Theme: Luau… so bring out your grass skirts and coconut bras!); Circle at 7:00pm. Hares away at 7:30pm SHARP
Saturday, May 20th from 10:00-11:30am: Registration/Packet Pickup/Kegs Tapped/Food/Raffle (bring extra cash)
Saturday, May 20th at 11:45am: Pre-Circle RDR & Raffle Drawing
Saturday, May 20th at 12:30pm: HARES AWAY!!!

Word on the street is there will be a foam party at one of the bar stops 😉
…sometime before the On-After, we’ll have Circle for those who don’t end up on the “Wall of Shame”.
Sunday, May 21st at 10:00am: Hangover Hash

And if Red reaches her donations goal of $1000 (or more) we will chop off her ginger locks in Sunday’s circle!!! Info Below in link:

Red’s Hair Donation for RDR

Hares: It’s a SURPRISE this year…did you actually expect to know!!



Enter your hasher name then click “Pay Now”

See Who’s Cumming

Hasher Name Home Hash Kennel
♫♪Twat Pocket♫♪ Voodoo H3
Queef Jerky Survivor H3
Hat Trick GCH3
Just Julie GCH3
LezBeFriends GCH3
Scout's Anal JaxH3
Black EYE P. A. MH3
Nashty Merkin MRH3
Fuck A Wallaby H3 Music City
XXX Survivor H3
Shit I Don't Know Corned Beef
Smirnoff Clothes-Off Rocket Shitty H3
Phucket 7 3/4ths Rocket Shitty H3
BabySitter Bang Bang Rocket Shitty
One Chick Half Dick Survivor H3
Old Smell Her Rocket Shitty H3
Tag My Juicy Target PCH3
HR Cuff n Stuff Jax H3
Spartan Ass Rocket Shitty
squirting bull ecnh3/jaxh3
Homeless with Herpes JaxH3
Triple Action Satisfaction Survivor
Orgy Ignoranus Music City H3
Red River Cock Trigger Survivor H3
Twisted Shitster Survivor H3
Sushi for Poochie Survivor H3
Cat Scratch Peeter Survivor H3
Imagine My Erection Voodoo H3
Wild Bill Whore Hey Sh3
NFHN Sean Survivor/Voodoo H3
Sprays Anatomy Sh3
Texticle Teaser Voodoo H3
Dilvando GCH3
Sloppy Taco BH3/VH3
Standup Cumedian Survivor H3
TrampOn GCH3
Cunt Creeper Survivor H3
Intents Orgasm Survivor H3
A Lil Pinkie Will Do Survivor H3 4-Life!!!!
Iron Hymen Survivor H3
Release the Krapen Survivor H3
Hurl Necklace Survivor H3
Jewpacabra Survivor H3
Twater Sports VooDoo H3
Maid Of Jizzed On Her VooDoo H3/Old Frederick H3
Red Hot Survivor H3
Jizzum & Jettison Survivor H3
Just Hank GCH3
Double Dee's Nuts GCH3
Enough Already! VooDoo H3
Dirty Cocko Rocket Shitty H3
Pic of the Litter DIVAHHH
Moist of All Voodoo H3
Douche Flute Rocket Shitty H3
Cum Waster TH3
Dick Flicker ECH3
Dungeons N Younguns Vulcan in Birmingham
CSI Survivor H3
Swab d Bone Survivor H3
Prince Docker Survivor H3
IDA Glitter City H3
Windows NT Sembach H3
Catcher in the Eye Wandering Soul H3
Trojan Mario ECH3
Hairy Coconut ECH3
Vladimir Fruitin EWH3
Third Girl Problems EWH3
LASituWANKShun Crescent Shiggy
Just Dorothy Middle GA H4
Unprotected Ejectulation MGH4
Anonymous Anal Survivor H3
Lil Sleazy Wop Survivor
Daddy's Cum Drop Panhandle Cossacks H3
Who's Your Daddy? MGH4
Labrawhore Short Bus H3
Cream of Somyungai MGH4
Boats N' Hoes MGH4
I'll Bang Your Baby Gulf Coast H3
*Dyke Tyson* SH3
Mexican Gum Job ...too hard to choose...
Fireball DoubleTap MRH3
Porcelain Princess Dri Shitties H3
Bunker Buster Memphis H3
Tugs Bunny Memphis H3
Insextuous Survivor H3
Little Lay Palouse Hash House Harriers
Queer Near GCH3
Statutory Shower Hour Birmingham H3
Lord of the Nuva Ring MGH4
Knock Knock Jews There MGH4
Slutty Professor MGH4
NFHN Dominik Rocket Shitty H3
Special Guest 1 Survivor H3
Special Guest 2 Survivor H3
NFHN Doyle survivorh3
NFHN bryan survivorh3
Nfhnjason None
NFHN Will None Yet
NFHN Melissa None
NFHNDustin SurvivorH3
Cumz with Scotch MGH4
1234 I'm A Little Cock Whore DIVAHHH
Sucks4u Birmingham H3
Cuntcicle Birmingham H3
Builda Boner Aloha H3
Nfhn Rajiv Survivor
Disgusting Butt Delicious JAXH3
Jack Horner Jerks in the Corner Wondering Whore
Diamond in the Muff Survivor H3
Ginger Snapper MRH3
Martin Luther Queen Vulcan H3
Ménage A Neuf Key West H3
Crouching Cougar Drunken Dragon Survivor H3
Princess N The Pee GCH3
Ranger Rick's 2 Second Dick PCH3
Jon Bon Blow Me MIA Survivor
No CuntTroll VoodooHHH
New Dicks on the Block Agana H3
Dirt Napper Agana H3 Guam
Nfhn John Doe Survivor
NFHN Amber None
Hasher Name Home Hash Kennel