Survivor Hash House Harriers

HASH #431

Date: Saturday, September 3rd

Time: 3pm

Hares: Red Hot, XXX, & Jack Horner

Hash Cash: $10

Locations: Hub Stacy’s at the Point

 (5851 Galvez Rd, Pensacola, FL 32507)




Labor Day Weekend Trail and Camp Out!

Well Wankers…. You asked for it and I plan to deliver!!!! There will be shiggy, there will be blistering in the FL sun, and there will be lots of water on trail. IF you cannot swim, bring a life jacket and we take care of you. It will be an A to A hash and will end on an island. A boat will be provided to shuttle you across. For those of you who have kids or other obligations and cannot stay late, we can shuttle you back across the water to your vehicle. For all the other fun kids, we will be camping out on the island. The hares will provide music, a bonfire, and a keg. You’re welcome slackers! Space is limited on the island, so no insane tent set up that takes an acer of land please!!! If you can share room in your tent, please do. There is no power or running water on the island, so pack accordingly. Also bring sunscreen and bug spray. Beware the Zika!!!! BYO tent, chairs, food, snacks, extra water, hard liquor if you like, trash bags (pick up after yourself!!), small grill if you want to cook out, floaty for the water, etc. You’re adults…. Handle your business!!! What NOT to bring….. Bad attitudes/drama, guns, kids, dogs, dogs and kids with guns. This is a 1 night only camping trip; the boat will bring you and your crap back to the main land Sunday. IF you have any major allergies, please bring your own eppy pin!!!!!!! If you have any questions, please contact Red Hot (cell number listed below.) If you know fo sho you will be in attendance, please sign up below so I have a head (who said head) count and can plan accordingly. Hash cash will be $10 weather or not you camp out. Pay when you get there. For those of you who have been asking about haberdashery, I will make sure it is there this hash. On-On!!!


Total Registered:   6 


 Questions?Call/Text Red Hot @ 850-291-9615
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