Hash #350 - UWF Trail

So, when you thought the first trail of the New Year was a true to form Survivor trail, we had yet another.  Swab D Bone and NFHN Meagan hared this trail in the luxurious land of UWF.  We had a little over 30 hashers, visitors, and virgins present.  As soon as the hares were released and took off into the wild constrains of nature, Red Hot Pecker Pocket led the group in warm up exercises.  Again, Clit R Us and Lubricunt from GCH3 were there….I think they are trying to pull ahead of Can I Fuck Your Sister.  We had the pleasure of seeing some not so common hashers grace us, such as Imagine My Erection and Cockeyed.  As we finally started on trail, we encountered concrete, blocks, hills, roots, clay, mud, water, sand, and all of the other usual hateful shit you see on a true Survivor trail.  We were all definitely excited and pumped!!  Upon arriving to the beer check, it was as if we were all gathered on a tight high point overlooking a lot of damn water and mud.  There was even a water crossing where we were lucky enough to have a somewhat rotten log and a wooden plank to step on, as well as a guideline above for support.  Mind you, not everyone decided to maintain proper footing on the plank, and Lubricunt was the first to offer me the ability to take a photo on trail of not just a “hasher down” but of a “hasher down in water.”  Fortunately for her, it was Clit’s shorts she was wearing due to a clothing exchange.  I told NFHN Dicky that if he just went in the water to cross it, so would I.  Then, he yelled out like a bitch how cold it was, so I recanted my offer to join him….thanks for the heads up there Dicky.

Trail continued and we eventually spread out a little from the main pack.  As we finally came near the end of the trail and had to climb up on the boardwalk, Peter Feelya was there to help a few harriettes up on the railing.  We all walked the rest of the way to the ON-IN….but little did Peter know he was going to get called out for DFL, even though he was being considerate….welcome to Survivor!!  We all gathered for circle and started off great, but then quickly got cold as hell.  Imagine My Erection and his son, Porcelain Princess, were both recognized for milestones.  IME had 240 trails, the highest with Survivor, and PP had 70.  Cockeyed was then called out to “find” his 25th trail bandana, which he ultimately claimed from the depths of Clit R Us’ wet shorts, worn on Lubricunt.  As the circle neared the end, NFHN Sara was called in for her naming.   As usual, many questions were asked, but her answers were very well appreciated this time.  We found a lot about her and even her sister indirectly.  It did not take long to cum up with a unified name for her.  I will admit though, Can I Fuck “My” Sister was a contender, and had to be mentioned here for Sister’s sake in GCH3.  NFHN Sara was ultimately named Twisted Shitster.  As the saying goes with most hash names, “if you hate your name, we did good.”  I think she likes the name though and so does everyone else.  She has been quite the trooper on our trails and kicks ass at WOB trivia.  Another great Survivor trail down in the books.

On On……….CSI

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