We are currently in the process of making it possible to purchase SH3 paraphenalia over the Internet, but as yet have not updated the secure online purchasing system. Therefore, we have in the interim, the following system:

  • Peruse the online catalog-more items to cum periodically
  • Send an e-mail to our Haberdasher with the quantity (and sizes, if applicable) of the items you wish to purchase.
  • Our Haberdasher will send back a confirmation e-mail of which items are in stock, as well as an address where you can send your check, or he can reserve an item to be picked up at the hash.
  • You receive your items (via mail or in person).
  • We do accept Paypal but DO NOT pay via paypal until the entire order is confirmed by our Haberdasher, at that time he/she will send you a paypal link or you can mail a check (orders will not be processed until full pament is received).

Shipping will take 1-2 weeks with some items taking longer, depending upon the size of the order and the tiems. If you   are having items shipped, there will be an additional fee for the cost of   mailing (may not listed online). Our Haberdasher will email you the details.

Please let us know  if you have any questions.

Here’s our special edition Survivor Shirts

survivorshirt3 survivorshirt1

Front Left


These fine looking T’s are 100% Cotton and made right here on the good ole’ planet earth. We currently only have the shirts in a green color with a yellow lettering on the front. Cost is $15.00 if you order now…       Please include your shirt size. <— duh!



Magic Cups- $3.00

These are the world famous magic color changing cups. No real hasher in circle should be without one. These retail for up to One Billion Dollars in some markets but if you order today they can be yours for only $3.00



Hand Carved Wooden Mugs

Each one of these mugs are individually carved and painted overseas. They will feature your name on one side and the perspective logo on the other. These mugs are not kept in stock and must be ordered as a group. The next order will go out when we get enough for an order. Please allow up to two months for shipping once the order goes out. All mugs must be prepaid!!

To Order and/or Inquire about price, send an email to: haberdasher@survivorh3.com


  • Your Hash Name (as you want it to appear on the mug)
  • Your Real Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • email

You will receive an email notice that your order has been received along with where to send your payment.  All checks should be made out to: Survivor H3.


Important: – If you are ordering from  Survivor H3, you agree to accept the following policies:

  • ·Shipping and Handling – All items  are shipped by US Postal Service or other carrier chosen by SurvivorH3 to all destinations. If the cost and type of  order allows it, most items  are shipped by  Priority Mail, although at times it might be necessitated to have items shipped by other class. All items shipped  to non-US addresses are shipped by Air Letter Post or Global Priority Mail,  depending also on the nature of the item and destination. Shipping and handling  costs include labor, shipping, packaging and, in some cases, insurance costs.  This is averaged out and not exact, so some customers may pay a little more,  some a little less depending on location so that we do not lose money.
  • ·Reliability &  Availability – If the item is not in stock or it is a tailor-made item that  requires some work before shipping, it may take up to 6 to 8 weeks (although  this is rare) for delivery depending on the vendor or time available to do the  work. If this is not acceptable, please email first and get an estimated time  of delivery before ordering. SurvivorH3 is not responsible for any items that arrive  too late for a scheduled event and will not give a refund based on that alone.  Always order at least 8 weeks prior to any such event for best results (longer  if not in US). If in doubt, email us. More on refunds below.
  • ·Refunds – SurvivorH3 provides refunds  ONLY for those items ordered from us which arrive to you defective or damaged  for which we do not have a replacement in stock. We do not refund any items  that are tailor made, as we would be unable to sell them. We do not refund  items simply because they arrived to late for an event which you purchased  them. Again, always order at least 8 weeks prior to any such event for best  results (longer if not in US). We are not a major merchandizer, but a volunteer  organization supporting the hashing cause with our hard work and through your support by  making purchases from us. So, as a little guy, we cannot  afford losses due to the fraud, procrastination or frivolous whims of shoppers  and such loses hurt those hashes and hashers who receive our services  provided through these sales.

To request a  refund,  email us with the details first to ensure that a refund is authorized. After a refund is authorized,  carefully pack the damaged item(s) and ship them to the address given during authorization, enclosing a reference to the invoice number they were ordered under. You are responsible for insurance and shipping on returned items.