Hash #384

In their inaugural trail, Twisted Shitster and NFHN Joseph took Survivor through the seedy underbelly of Marcus Pointe. Site of a bulldozed middle school? Might be a toxic waste dump? Why not hare a trail there? You heard this trail would be long. How long? So long that the Hares were away on-time as scheduled in a quick Hares away circle start.
Circle reconvened a bit later for the Hash official start. Virgins and visitors were introduced. NFHN Joseph brought NFHN Liz as a virgin sacrifice and Intents Orgasm offered up NFHN ______ (What was that guy’s name?) to the hash gods. Visitors from Triple Tuesday and GCH3 rounded out a decent Survivor hasher showing.
There was pavement, there was shiggy, and even some barbed wire for the no-so-faint of heart. A Turkey/Eagle Split was left to divert those FRBs and lead those who were DFL at the 1/3 point of trail to the Beer Check first. No one took the Eagle Split and all revelled over the Beer Check set in the woods…if they figured out the true path among numerous Bad Trails and YBFs. All hashers then followed a LOOOOOOOONG stretch of pavement (not Survivors norm but with the length of this trail, wankers were happy not to be stuck in mud for half an hour which was the alternative) through the golf course before hitting the dangerous barbed wire fence and a drop to the clay put below. Spew from the Pew later complained about ripping his pants at this fence crossing. How he ripped his pants about his package is out of this scribe’s knowledge. Somehow everyone else’s snags were in the rear. The hares laid a shiggy trail up the opposite side of the clay pit and through the woods. “Trail treasure” may have been found in the landfill crossing that followed if any were brave enough to dig. The second beer check left the hashers on a majestic cliff overlooking the quarry, a present to enjoy the view courtesy of NFHN Joseph who found the glorious view and led hashers to find it on trail. More shiggy and a shady neighborhood later, the hashers found their way to on-in.
The two virgin sacrifices brought to trail survived their first trail, as brutal as it might have been. Make no mistakes, this trail was LONG but no true challenger for Survivor H3. Complaints were made and grievances given in closing circle preceded over by our Illustrious GM and RA Red Hot Pecker Pocket. On-after was followed by a bonfire at NFHN Kenny’s place. Rumor has it he is good with his hands, ladies. And he takes calls for “woodwork” assistance.

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