2018 Mismanagement

These poor saps are the ones who were elected to mismanage the activites of the Survivor Hash House Harriers. However, since the SurvivorH3 is just an informal group of people who get together for fun it is generally understood that Mismanagement members and/or Hares for a particular trail may need volunteers (that means YOU) to help out at any given time. In other words, every hasher needs to pitch in to ensure that a good time is had at all Survivor H3 events!



Hash Name/Email

Grand MastressRed Hot Pecker Pocket
GM's AssJewpacabra
GM's AssTwisted Shitster
On SecTwisted Shitster
Religious AdvisorRed Hot Pecker Pocket
Religious AdvisorCunt Creeper
Religious AdvisorPrince Docker
Beer MeisterTwisted Shitster
Beer MeisterCunt Creeper
Hash CashJewpacabra
Hash CashTwisted Shitster
HaberdasherRed River Cock Trigger
HaberdasherPissy Fit
Song MeisterEVERYONE!!!
Web MeisterRed Hot Pecker Pocket
Web MeisterRed River Cock Trigger
Hash FluffKnocked Out With My Cock Out
Hash FluffSwab d Bone
Hash FluffDiamond in the Muff
Hash FluffInsextuous
Hash FluffJizzum N Jettison
Hash FluffThat's Not My Hooker
Hash FlashRed River Cock Trigger
Hash ScribeOne Chick Half Dick
Hash ScribeLabrawhore