Hash #352 - Hash Flag

Instead of the typical hash trail that most would expect to occur within Survivor, this “trail” was planned to be a little different.  Again, we had about 30 hashers present, to include several visitors from neighboring kennels.  The hares were Hung Like A Vagina, Creams Do Cum True, Martha Screwhurt, and Hurl Necklace.  The idea behind this one was basically two packs heading in different directions, only to converge in a common area in order to attempt a capture of our Hash Flag.  Part of the idea was also to not be hit or bombarded by the other team’s water, nectar, cum bath, or whatever the concoction was that filled the many water balloons that each team had.  Red Hot Pecker Pocket led the opening circle and released the hares to lay trail.  Eventually it was thought of that the rest of the hashers present should take off in search of trail instead of enjoying the alcohol infused treats that were found in the garage.

Apparently, this “trail” was short lived, as it wasn’t very long at all before one of the teams found themselves setting up an area in the field where a “battle” was to ensue.  By this time, NFHN Shaun had captured the Hash Flag twice I believe, and it was swiftly recovered by one of the hares to have it placed back in play to give the other team a chance.  Jewpacabra and Swab D Bone kept eye on their stash of cum balloons while the rest of their team scouted the field for the others.  Twisted Shitster even claimed she was going to lay out somewhere and wait, but I think she must have recanted once it was determined that the field area actually had shiggy in it.  NFHN Shaun’s team located the “stash” of the other team and raided their cum, making their way back with plenty of reserves. 

Eventually, the other team made their way toward the field from the other side and awaited a response from Hung Like A Vagina who was trying to create “rules among hashers.”  Flippy Cock and Poonshine had taken the nectar of one team and was tracked by Hung Like A Vagina who brought them to the light so others could rejoice in the sweet happiness of what was inside their container.  I remember hearing Hung Like A Vagina yelling “one minute!!” as a precursor to start something.  At this point, with the Hash Flag again in plain sight, NFHN Harold casually strolled up to it and claimed it for the other side this time.  Finally, balloons began to occupy the sky as they fell upon each other and water guns were going off as if they were climatic releases.  After about five minutes of what was supposed to be something epic, the “towel” was thrown and everyone made their way back to Hung’s casa.  Now don’t get me wrong, the enjoyment was definitely had by all, as who doesn’t like a good water gun and balloon fight, especially with some sort of cum jizz as a surprise.  Oh, and we must have invaded some poor little girl’s territory because as we were making our way back to Hung’s casa along the asphalt, some little “puppy” armed with a pool noodle, took whatever revenge she thought she needed on the expense of the hasher’s backs.  Of course, as soon as the first hash song started, she was nowhere to be seen.

About this time, I had to depart the festivities for a prior engagement, but I performed some intel with others present and was informed of the remaining debauchery.  Flippy Cock made her special jello shots and pudding shots to share and they were enjoyed by all.  Circle began on the back patio of the house and was quickly moved to the yard due to claustrophobia.  Accusations were dealt with utilizing the fence, a line up and several balloons.  Hung Like A Vagina could not keep his claws off of Pinkie, and she finally had enough, but she thought it was Red River Cock Trigger, and basically cold cocked him real good.  At some point, Red River Cock Trigger had so much excitement built up that he could not contain himself anymore, or the glorious nectar, jello and pudding as it all came up….someone must have pulled his “trigger.”  

There has to be something said about the trails that have been recently conducted by Hung Like A Vagina at his casa, as the intel gathered from this one depicted him yet again as a “whiny little bitch.”  I even heard that he began speaking Whinese and also had to be put down for a nap at some point.  This is what ultimately led to A Lil Pinkie Will Do passing the Hash Trash on to Hung Like A Vagina.  I’m not quite sure, but isn’t this the second time he has had the Hash Trash?  Anyway, the circle continued and eventually two namings commenced.  NFHN Harold and NFHN Shaun were called into circle, asked the multitude of inappropriate questions where the absolute best responses were given, and then led away as the named hashers threw out name ideas.  Many great ideas for names came about for both of them, but the two of them were finally named.  It even took three hashers to cover the ears of NFHN Jodi and sing in unison the Game of Thrones theme song while a story was being told of NFHN Harold.  NFHN Shaun was named Rainblow Enema and NFHN Harold was named Captain Hook Her. 

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