2014 Hashmas

Survivor 369th hashmas camp out went on despite the rain dampening the tents of those brave souls who set up in the damp and dark outside the Casa of A Little Pinky Will Do and Teabag Touchdown. Campers included Survivors and out of towners from Mutha Rucker, Panhandle Cossacks, and GCH3. A very special guest rolled in from Nola, our favorite road whore Bearly Blue. The hares arrived well-lubed and ready to take it all in. Circle was led by Red White and Boobs. Pinky and Red Hot Pecker Pocket gave instructions of lasers and shiggy and two on the foots, oh my. ClitRus from GCH3 led the way and unbeknownst to the pack took the trail end leading us backward along the trail. We found on the foot #2 and made our way to the on in. Only one hasher noticed the lack of markings as the on-in lingered in the distance. Not to be defeated, Twisted Shitster returned to find trail, located on the foot #1 and returned the bottle to circle. Her prize for retrieving the bottle was to start the on the foot. The circle continued with many sharing the bottle. Hash erections took place with Mismanagement selected for the new year. Red Hot Pecker Pocket will take on the role of GM. Check out Mismanagement for full details of the newly erected members.
After a rousing Dirty Santa gift exchange, Red River Cock Trigger lit the hash bonfire (not to be denied by the downpour earlier in the day). Imbibing and debauchery continued into the night. Late night appearances were made by SlingBlade and Cum Waster. NFHN Jack (doesn’t he have a name already) modeled his dirty Santa banana hammock, though he did seek Standup Cumedian’s help to adjust it properly. Many hashers warded off holiday illness by finding their way home in the dark. The only two to stay the course through all of the festivities and be up before the hashers were Justin Bieber and Mr. Midget blow up dolls who hosted an all night orgy in the barn while hashers slept. Those brave enough to camp in the rain did survive the night; some more moist than others.

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