As stated in the Singapore HHH songbook from many years ago, they are:

“Songs that your mother never taught you!”

However, to the traditional Hasher, they are the perfect addition to trail, beer and down downs. A good Songmaster can liven up even the most boring circle. Many of these lyrics were spawned from the pubs, rugby fields and ship decks of the British Empire. Regardless of their source, anywhere hashers gather to drink and sing, a bawdy lyric or two will usually creep in. For more on sources, see copyright below.

Don’t know the tune? Starting with a collection of MP3’s provided by John Mehlberg, Global Trash is now placing a sample verse or two for some lyrics on-line so that you can get a taste for how it is sung. Those with MP3’s available will have a little speaker icon next to them in the index listing and song page. Just click on the speaker to download the MP3. This will be a long process and require help from all of you out there in assisting us in collecting these tunes. If you have one, click on ‘Add New’ for details on how to send it.

Some of you will probably find one of your favorites missing from this collection. I have tried to include every lyric, good and bad, I have collected over the years. However, I have not included every lyric you may see in other collections, because I have tried to avoid copyrighted lyrics whenever I have been keen enough to recognize them. Therefore, all of these lyrics should be in the public domain. (If you recognize otherwise, please let me know.)

The lyrics may vary some from those you sing. What I have tried to do is to choose the version which is closest to the original, unless meter, rhyme or real worldwide popularity is associated with a newer version. These lyrics were born in obscurity and spread by word of mouth and like the popular children’s game of Rumor, have been more than likely changed before finally being written down. I have found that there is a geographical and sometimes geopolitical variation to many of the lyrics. Some lyrics take a jab at cultures and nationalities and it was all done in bad taste, but I hope my readers are hashers enough to understand the humor. As it seems many nations are included in the joke, none should take offense, but enjoy the plight of the others. I hope you enjoy them all.


Copyright Information

Copyright 1985-2007 by Larry J. McDowell dba Global Trash all rights reserved. These pages may be copied in part, but not the whole, for use by hounds and hares or rugby groups in their newsletters and distributed to their local members.

Lyrics collected in these pages came from many sources and are assumed to be in the public domain. If a real and legal copyright exists on any of these lyrics and publishing on these pages is forbidden by the copyright holder, ONLY the true copyright holder should contact the editor for information on removal in future editions, in writing at: Global Trash, 402 Wendy Circle, Ragland, AL 35131, USA


Optional prayer offered by the religious advisor before the hash, with local embellishments. Blessing will change depending on Hares and Trail. Hounds should repeat each line after the R.A.:

Bless these hares,
Bless this trail,
Copus no catch us,
Farmer no shoot us,
Doggus no bite us,
Heatus no stroke us,
Plenty of cold beer to drink,
Coitus non interruptus.