Hash #380 – Game of Grimes

Hung like a vagina, room and whored, and guest hare Bearly Blue from Voodoo H3 laid a Games of grimes themed trail in the vast wilderness north of Pace. Calling themselves the Whorelords of Bearly Blue, the hares promised winter was cumming and whitewalkers would be a plenty.

The houses of the southeast (Survivor, GCH3, ECH3) converged for a epic battle in the cold and wet wilderness. The Whorelords set the call to arms. Houses Butthole(berry Finn) , Swab (D Bone), Red River (Cock Trigger) and (Can I Fuck Your) Sister called for allegiances.
House Butthole’s battalion was strongest; House Red River the most meek. The Red Woman (aka GM/RA Red Hot Pecker Pocket) announced the charge and houses headed to battle; the hounds and harriettes left circle following the trail left by the whorelords. Tales from battle abound as Houses Sister, Swab and Butthole battled along the Trail of Beers. House Red River trailed behind but was not defeated. Sell swords (Prince Docker and Red White and Boobs arriving late to the battle) pushed from behind the battle lines, past Red River’s coven of lady warriors, and joining the ranks of each house along the way. House Red River was feared lost in the battle. Whorelord Bearly Blue tracked their scent (ripe by this time) and discovered them wandering in the wilderness. He showed them the true path, proclaiming “come with me if you want to live.” (He may be a robot warrior sent form the future to save us all.) The triumphant houses left no provisions along the Trail of Beers. With Blue as their guide, House Red River crawled to the battle end (on-in).
House butthole knight (what was the frb from ech3?) and Red White and Boobs served as FRB and FBI. In circle, potions and prayers were offered to old gods and the new for the safe return of all but Mount Gushmore who left the pack and never made it to battle.
The Red Woman (Red Hot) used the power of the lord of light to control the minds of the Nights Watch (4 local sheriffs and a game warden) who stumbled upon the battle festival at the end of trail. Her mind control (and body were strong), and the Nights Watch left the circle to commence with naming of NFHN Jack… FINALLY! Many choices were provided. After debate and democracy, NFHN Jack will for now and evermore be call “How to Tame Your Station Wagon.” On-after led to caking festivities for Bearly Blue and Station Wagon, dancing naked around the ceremonial fire, and much more (it is rumored). Station Wagon may have earned a nickname. What was this we heard about a pony?

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