Hash #349 - Cum Stained Trail

Holy Shit Balls!!!! The first “real” trail of the New Year….and what a trail it was!! We had new hashers, old hashers, out of town hashers, and virgins.  Multiple Cum Shot Wounds and CSI were hares and took off from the parking lot of Winn Dixie near Perdido.  This was a getting back to nature trail, just like from where the Survivor reputation comes from.  In this particular case, we also had a special guest hare of NFHN Nolan….the “puppy” of Cum Shot and Hung Like A Vagina.  The trail consisted of thick ass woods, briars, thorns, prickly shit, and whatever the hell else you can think of that would scratch, rip, tear, and make you bleed.  Things were going quite well until we encountered an area that needed to be crossed in order to get back on trail which was to be on the asphalt.  We had no concerns about anyone scaling this wooden fence, except for Clit R Us from GCH3, all because of that dumb sling he keeps on his right arm.  However, I heard afterwards that the only problem he had with it was the fact that someone else had to hold his beer as he scaled the fence.

As the hares were waiting at the ON-IN, Can I Fuck Your Sister and Dil Van Do from GCH3 were the first ones to arrive.  The first words spoken by Sister, soaked in muddy water and bleeding from his lower extremities, were to the effect of “now that was a damn good, true to form, Survivor trail.”  Everyone finally joined the ON-IN and we began circle, trying to hide behind the bathroom building at the ball field.  The only problem was we were right behind and in plain sight of the Sheriff’s Office Substation….but no one cared.  After we began, the first order of business was to name our newly deflowered hare, NFHN Nolan.  Questions were asked and he promptly answered with enthusiasm.  Away he went and the pack gathered to ultimately name him Klepto Kitty.  He loved the name and took his OJ Down Down like a champ!!

During circle, GCH3 representatives Can I Fuck Your Sister, Dil Van Do, and Clit R Us presented several Survivor hashers with a pink GCH3 bandana for having hashed with them at least “3” times and have attended a past Flip Your Sister Campout.  The bandanas went quick and I am quite sure we will be seeing more of them in the future.  After the circle festivities almost came to a close, NFHN David was called to the middle of circle…..for his naming.  Everyone knew this one was going to be an exciting one, due to his experiences at his second hash event ever….a camping hash trail at GCH3.  Be sure to ask him about it as to how he felt about a Devil’s Three Way….and I will just leave it at that.  Anyway, we had some fabulous stories and names that came up and to his surprise, made him think he was to be named “New Jim.”  You should have been there to see his face!!! However, he was named Intents Orgasm and now has the expectation to live up to this name.  I remember like it was yesterday, talking to him for the first time at WOB while he was wearing a dress, asking me about hashing and how does he get involved.  Another prime and fine example of how Survivor H3, and hashing in general, can make someone cum around more often than not!!

On On……….CSI

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